Version 1.15 of Android and iOS Competitor apps, and Android (1.22) and iOS (1.9) have been released. All rallys should use these new versions of the apps.

The database format for these releases is compatible with the previous releases. Rallymasters do not need to modify existing events in order to use these releases.

The major functions in these releases are:

Checkpoint open/close times: The rallymaster now has the ability to optionally specify open and close times for checkpoints. This will allow rally routes that double back and reuse roads and checkpoint locations. Checkpoints will not trigger if they are passed before their open time or after their close time.

Rallymaster app parity - iOS and Android: The iOS Rallymaster app is now functionally equivalent to the Android version.

Rescore 1 Car: Rallymaster now has the ability to recore a leg for only one car.

In addition to these major functions a number of smaller functions and enhancements are included:

For completeness, Competitor includes these:

Implement standard Richta checkpoint icon

Trim debug log at startup if file is greater than 1MB

Pick up correct earlyLate value.

Max checkpoint detection radius set to 100m. Good for a 3 second window at 70 mph

Clarify error message if car number out of range

Add Accuracy to Clock Adjust log entries

Add scrolling to critique message

Log the ready operation

Log excess clock adjustment

Confirmation message shown for trimming debug log

Do not log location if it has not changed

Add tolerance for excessive external interrupts and restart operations

For Rallymaster, these changes include:

Check car value < Maxcars in Map, (fixes crash in Map)

Rename Scoreboard button to Export Scores

Field name change earlylate to earlyLate, allow for either (compatibility with iOS version)

Set consistent function names in title bars

Implement current icon standards

Complete the implementation of Time Check CPs

Change Checkpoint Time allows setting of open and close times

Validate - minor improvements

Delete Entry - delete Timeslips from new location under Event

Rearrange Event Menu to move Select Another Event to the top Button was hidden if in read-only mode

Add total to scoreboard spreadsheet

Fix bug in validating open / close times (also in Competitor)

Add toast message to select_event2 when reading event list

Change Event - do not allow more cars than architected maximum (Steve G)

Change Checkpoint Location - use numeric keyboard for lat/long values

Change Event - add email for scoring team

Support new timeslip collection location in Scoreboard, Timeslips, Discard Leg, Rescore Leg, Rescore 1 Car

Set Checkpoint Time, Validate: edit allowable closing times (i.e. not midnight)


Rich Bireta