There are several items that I would like to bring to your attention:

Release 1.20 of Android Rallymaster has been released to the Google Play Store. The Map has been enhanced to display the last-reported location of each competitor. Tap the white box representing the car and you will see the team name and time of last reporting. The Competitor app reports its location once per minute.

It is more difficult to leave the Change Checkpoint Time screen without saving your changes. There are several other minor changes and enhancements.

In case you missed it: A new stand alone app has been released for Android called Scoreboard. This app allows anyone to follow an event and to receive score updates every two minutes. Leg by leg scores can also be checked.

Work on iOS Rallymaster continues. New versions are being released as functions are added. Keep this app updated to pick up the most recent additions.

I am pleased to report 12 events have been held using this system. Over 700 cars have generated over 10,000 timeslips, all since April this year.

I am open to improving the usability and function of the apps. If you have a suggestion please send me an email:


Rich Bireta