Choosing Rally Apps

Read this article to select the right apps for your road rally needs.

There are several apps available under the Richta Rally brand for use in time-speed-distance road rally events. This article will help you choose the right app for your needs.

There are two broad catagories of Richta apps: those used to organize and compete in road rally events using the Richta GPS Checkpoints system and those used to compete in any road rally event.

Richta GPS Checkpoints

The Richta GPS Checkpoint system is a series of apps used to automate the timing and scoring of time-speed-distance road rallys. The apps include:

Competitor - used by each contenstant on the event. The app times the contestant at each checkpoint, calculates the score (early or late) and displays the score on the screen. The timing and scoring information is automatically sent to the rally organizer.

Rallymaster - used by the organizers of the event. The app is used to set checkpoint locations and ideal times, display timeslips and export a scoreing spreadsheet for use by the scoring team. A map showing checkpoint and competitor locations is available in the app.

Scoreboard - used by any contestant, organizer or interested third party to display the current scores for an event. The number of checkpoints passed and total score is displayed for each competitor. Tapping the line item for an individual car will display the leg-by-leg scores.

Apps for Any Rally

Richta Rally Products started with the mission to create apps for smart phones and tablets for use when navigating time-speed-distance road rally events. A complete suite of apps is available.

Checkpoint Clock - This app can be used as a master time-of-day reference clock or used at checkpoints to time competitors. It supprts display of seconds and 0.01 minute formats. Checkpoint logs can be emailed to a scoring crew. Legal for all SCCA rally classes.

Odometer - This app is a GPS-odometer that will read to 0.01 mile/kilomter resolution. Legal for SCCA Class L.

Calculator - This app is a functional replacement and improvement of the Curta Calculator. It performs the necessary time-speed-distance calculations to keep you on time all the time. Legal in SCCA Class S.

Simple Rally Computer - Combine the clock, odometer and calulator into a single app with a simple user interface and you have the Simple Rally Computer. Legal in SCCA Class L.