Competitor - Richta GPS Checkpoints

Used by competitors on road rally events timed and scored with the Richta GPS Checkpoints system.

These applications were written to automate the timing and scoring of competitors in time-speed-distance road rally events with no requirement for the traditional checkpoint crews to be physically present at the checkpoint locations. Timing and scoring data is automatically sent to the organizers.

This app (Competitor - Richta GPS Checkpoints) is used by each contestant in the rally to time, score and report this information to the rally organizer. See also Rallymasater - Richta GPS Checkpoints and Scoreboard - Richta GPS Checkpoints.

Privacy Policy: This app determines your location and the times when you pass the checkpoint locations and stores this information in a database in the Google Cloud. This information is shared with the event organizer, other entrants and the public via the Scoreboard app and for no other purpose. This information is retained until the event and its history are deleted from the database.